Our Wheels Help Win Competition!

Our Wheels Help Win Competition!

OEM WHEEL PLUS sells a Replica Wheel that Mercedes enthusiast love. Mr. Parker an OEM Wheel Customer sent us a thank you with this message:

“Here’s a few photo’s over the last couple of years of my 2007 Mercedes SLK350 that I told you about. I ordered these 19 Mercedes inch wheels from you after I started entering Fastdawg in cars shows. It’s done well since the change over and has won 23 awards in limited showings. The wheels has allowed me to complete with Vettes, Mustangs, Camaro’s, and Mopars at local shows, it gives the car a better profile. The old Alloy (silver) just didn’t give the car much of a side presence. Can’t say that now. The picture with the trophies show less than the 23 but it was an earlier picture. The car also has won SLKWorld.com ‘s Ride of the month (February 2014) since the switch over for the world. The car is known world wide as “Fastdawg” and is generally a big hit at shows as few people see SLK’s running around. The chrome wheels were everything I wanted them to be and enable me to complete against the classics. I look forward to my new wheels for my 2005 E500 4matic. By the way, it’s white too and called Snowball! :)”


Bob Parker

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