Roll on 24’s!

Roll on 24’s!

Roll out on 24 inch chrome wheels.  Our replica designed  Chevy wheels are made of alloy and are triple plated chrome finish and will give your ride that extra shine. OEM wheel plus replica 24 inch chrome rims will provide your Chevy with a smooth ride.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) 24 inch Chevy wheels are available in two distinct spoke designs. The replica 24 inch Chevy Colorado wheels  are 24 inches and a width a 10 inches.  The six hole bolt pattern has a center hole of 78.1. The offset is 30 millimeters. The factory 24 inch Chevy Colorado wheels have six Y shaped spokes.

This stock 24 inch Chevy  wheels can also be fitted to other Chevy models such as the Silverado, Avalanche, Tahoe, and Suburban. The second 24 inch wheels and rims has seven spokes. The offset for this model is 31 millimeters.

While the chrome 24 inch Chevy Colorado wheels are designed to fit the Chevy Tahoe perfectly.  OEM Wheel Plus offers  wheel and tire packages which are mounted and balanced with a Hunter Road Force Balancer. Call today and mention this blog for an additional discount!  858-877-0816.



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