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Bored with your current rims? What to make a statement with your tired OEM Wheels without spending a vast amount of money. OEM Wheel Plus, has joined forces with powder coating expert Kent Cimrmann, who is the owner of Anocote Powder.

OEM Wheel Plus took a basic powder coated OEM Land Rover silver wheel and brought it to a new brilliant finish! Using Anocote Powder’s techniques the wheels are sand blasted to their natural metal finish. The sand blasted wheels are hand sanded and prepped for powder coating. The powder coating baking process is configured by weight, density and volume. Once the baking is finished the wheels are hung to dry. After the wheels have dried they are ready for mounting or shipping.

Powder coating is a great way to change the color of your wheels to make your vehicle shine with a new look! Affordable and inventive!

OEM Wheel Plus takes pride in our wheels and our partnerships. We have an experienced sales team of skilled employees who understand fitment and product quality. Call today at 858-877-0816.



Roll on 24’s!

Roll out on 24 inch chrome wheels.  Our replica designed  Chevy wheels are made of alloy and are triple plated chrome finish and will give your ride that extra shine. OEM wheel plus replica 24 inch chrome rims will provide your Chevy with a smooth ride.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) 24 inch Chevy wheels are available in two distinct spoke designs. The replica 24 inch Chevy Colorado wheels  are 24 inches and a width a 10 inches.  The six hole bolt pattern has a center hole of 78.1. The offset is 30 millimeters. The factory 24 inch Chevy Colorado wheels have six Y shaped spokes.

This stock 24 inch Chevy  wheels can also be fitted to other Chevy models such as the Silverado, Avalanche, Tahoe, and Suburban. The second 24 inch wheels and rims has seven spokes. The offset for this model is 31 millimeters.

While the chrome 24 inch Chevy Colorado wheels are designed to fit the Chevy Tahoe perfectly.  OEM Wheel Plus offers  wheel and tire packages which are mounted and balanced with a Hunter Road Force Balancer. Call today and mention this blog for an additional discount!  858-877-0816.



Chrome Rim Care

Chrome Rim Care

Here at OEM Wheel Plus we take pride and dedication to our customers’ needs, which is why we can’t stress enough on the importance of maintaining a mirror-like finish on your chrome rims that you purchase from us. We have the passion for quality automotive performance and care, which is why you came to us to purchase rims in the first place. Don’t let improper or inadequate wheel care ruin the brilliant finish on your newly acquired chrome rims. Let us teach you proper, routine cleaning, claying, polishing, and waxing procedures to ensure that your rim’s finish stands the test of time. Chrome is inherently a soft material that is susceptible to the abrasive properties of brake dust that when left to accumulate over long periods of time will ruin the soft chrome finish on your rims through pitting and abrasion of carbon fibers that are deposited on the rim through deterioration of the actual brake pads themselves under braking. Don’t allow your glistening new chrome rims become a victim through neglect. By following this quick and simple procedure you will be on your way to learning how to effectively clean and clay your chrome rims in order to properly prepare them for our polishing and waxing procedure that will ultimately bring out that desired sparkle in your chrome rims. Here is easy to follow break down of the cleaning procedure:

  1. Start by giving each of your four wheels a respectable rinse down for a solid minute with a low-pressure jet stream of water to effectively remove as much accumulated brake dust and grime from the chrome surface that will come off from the bombardment of the water alone.
  2. Next step is to break out your favorite choice of chrome wheel cleaner and individually coat your wheels down in a uniform fashion with the cleaner. The important thing to remember here is that you remember to always use a non-acidic wheel cleaner to prevent your wheel’s chrome finish from being eaten away by improper cleaners.
  3. After dousing the rims down in a proper non-acidic solution, it’s time to move to the fun part, which is getting closely intimate with your chrome rims by giving them a little tender love and care by using a rim cleaning brush that has non-abrasive bristles to remove caked on brake dust and grime that wasn’t eliminated by the initial rinse down. It is crucial during this step to keep the rims wet continually to keep the brush from scratching the chrome finish. During your scrubbing routine never forget to get behind the spokes to ensure that the fronts and backs of the rim are evenly and properly cleaned. Just as equally important is to clean the nooks and crannies of the lug nuts themselves as brake dust will be residing inside there as well. Finally since you are already busy getting down and dirty you might as well get to the wheel wells and clean those too as you are scrubbing your rims in the meantime.
  4. The final step to the cleaning procedure is to adequately dry your rims down completely; this will prevent water spots from developing in the rims themselves. Do so with a non-abrasive microfiber cloth that will not induce scratching and create water streaks both of which will spoil your hard work.
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The next procedure we will be laying out is prepping the wheels for polishing by claying the rims. This will properly remove other types of grime and caked on residues and containments along with remaining brake dust that survived your well-executed and proper cleaning procedure.

  1. Start by spraying your rims down with a high quality clay lubricant of your choice.
  2. Then take your clay bar and form it into a circle roughly 3 inches in diameter. Now it’s time to gently rub your rims with the clay circle until all the nooks and crannies are covered including behind the spokes and in-between them as well as touching up the lug nuts.
  3. Finalize the claying process by spraying the rims with the clay lubricant one more time, then wipe off any residual clay remnants left behind from your initial clay rubbing.

Once you have taken the time and care to clean and clay your rims, you can move onto the polishing procedure to start making your hard work and dedication translate into that mirrored-finish that you crave out of your chrome rims.

  1. Evenly apply your choice of metal wheel polish on your rims that is designated as safe to use on chrome surfaces.
  2. Take a polishing ball that is not wool and attach it to a electric drill and start sweeping over your rims gently with the polishing ball to integrate the metal polish into the rim uniformly starting off with a low speed initially then graduating to a higher speed setting as the polish dries and gets evenly distributed over the chrome rim.
  3. Bring back your microfiber cloth to wipe down the rims softly down and complete the process.

The final step to bring out that glossy, mirror finish that you have been working so hard to ensure all this time is to top off your rim care with a much needed touch of wheel wax. This procedure fights to keep your chrome finish shielded from brake dust, dirt, and debris on your next outing with your cherished chrome rims. Simply apply your favorite wheel wax with an applicator pad and follow through with a sufficient buffing. The wheel wax is designed to dry clear so as to not tarnish the shine that you expect out of your chrome rims. The waxing process needs to be kept up weekly to provide your rims with the daily protection they need to resist grime and brake dust accumulation on the chrome surfaces of your rims. By staying dedicated to your wheel waxing you will save time down the road by noticeably making cleaning times shorter by having less grime to remove overall because of the wax’s grime repelling properties.